See what Abbas’ clients have to say.


See what clients have to say about Abbas Lakha KC.

From the very first letter that went out to the other side, I knew that Abbas was an incredibly professional man who to me….can move mountains!
Before meeting Abbas, I was nearly ready to throw the towel in but perseverance by Abbas paid off and justice was served.

I have my life back thanks to him and his team. I would say to anyone that believes they have the impossible case, Abbas will make the impossible…possible.


“Honest, professional, empathetic, genuine people who tell you how it is. Up front about costs and keeping you in the loop of your case phone calls out of office hours if necessary.

I won my case, but even if I had been less successful, I would have said it was money well spent.

Would not hesitate to use again.”


…Mr. Lakha demonstrated a genuine concern and understanding of my situation. With efficiency, diligence and thoroughness he guided me in a very calm and methodical manner. The manner in which he tackled the case, and the numerous issues which came up from the other side, demonstrated his true expertise and experience. He has this amazing ability of multilateral thinking various scenarios and his planning and advice is thus very sincere, efficient and pragmatic. Mr. Lakha is a barrister you really would want to have on your side and the respect he commands from both his peers and opponents at court was fascinating. He is a thorough gentleman and I have had no hesitation in recommending him to colleagues and friends over the years.

– Merali – CIU

…If it were not for your expertise, commitment, hard work and reassurances I do not think we would have got the outcome we did. We were in a very tight corner with not much time remaining before the trial date and you both helped us out enormously. Thank you, again.

– J

I met Abbas Lakha QC on a day when I also met two other barristers, one of whom was also a QC. He stood out immediately with more hunger and determination to fight my corner. Throughout the whole process, he was as professional as could have been and I can highly recommend Abbas’ services to anybody…

Excellent advice received from start to finish from Mr Lakha QC [now KC]. Mr Lakha QC [now KC] did not have long to prepare the case, but he was very reassuring and right at the outset explained the technical points he would use to fight my son’s case. He also explained the importance of getting the case closed quickly so it favoured my son’s position. He was very thorough and presented the case excellently. The judge advised if had not been for the technical point argued by Mr Lakha QC [now KC], which the previous defence lawyer did not consider, my son would not have received the positive outcome he did. So, thank you.

From our very first meeting with Mr Lakha it was clear that we were in expert hands. He is extremely competent and a consummate professional, but by far his greatest traits are his empathy and compassion.

He guided us through the legal process and offered a tremendous amount of support but always maintained professionalism and provided an accurate picture of potential outcomes. Thanks to his expert help we were able to win our case and survive the most difficult period of our lives. We trust his judgement completely. No words can describe how immensely grateful we are to him.

– YB & HB – Yorkshire

Mr Lakha was extremely thorough. He made sure that he fully understood not only the case but also all the circumstances relating to my son. We had a  thorough session going though all the issues together so that I was completely confident that  whatever course the case took, he was fully prepared. 

At the hearing itself we were faced with a judge who clearly had a negative attitude towards my son but despite this Mr Lakha managed to ensure a good outcome. 

I hope that I never have to be involved in a criminal case again but I can certainly highly recommend you to anybody who is in need of representation. 

– C. K.

Abbas was invaluable in helping me through a difficult time.  After I was involved in an accident and found myself incorrectly charged for causing serious injury by dangerous driving. I didn’t know what to do, I was under a lot of stress, suffered PTSD because of the accident and our life was virtually on hold while being acutely aware of how a dangerous driving conviction can affect my professional and personal life.  Abbas walked me through the process and made it easy.  He answered my questions no matter how trivial and even during evenings.  He showed confidence that I was incorrectly charged and provided clear legal advise on how we can go about fighting this. He has supreme legal and negotiation skills, using which he was able to persuade CPS to swap the dangerous driving charge with a careless driving one.  I can safely say that without his help and guidance we would have struggled to get this positive outcome.  Many thanks to Abbas once again.

– G